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Wally Worsley is a solo artist who brings the power of a rock band to his stage performance. With the introspection of a songwriter, vocal ability that breathes conviction into every note, and the guitar skills to make music of passion and poetry, he is a fusion of his past influences. Music was his daily scripture, growing up with parents who were both music teachers and a brother who was musically inclined. The guitar became his muse when he was a teenager – the garage, his first stage. During high school in Charlottesville, Virginia, he started his first band with his brother. Under the guidance of his father, he learned that music is more than just notes and words, musicianship is what connects you to the audience. It was a lesson Wally took to heart. Performing, writing, and recording as the rock band Navel, they released Into Something Beautiful in 2006. Call it soul searching rock that is both physical and spiritual, with an energy that pushes you to the brink of the transcendental. It was a unique sound built on a compilation of strong influences that included King's X, Living Colour, Helmet, Sevendust, Faith No More, and Big Wreck. They played together until 2007 when the group split to pursue solo opportunities.


For the next three years, Wally played with various bands in Charlottesville, continuing to hone his musicianship skills and find his center of gravity as a player. In 2010, he moved back to his hometown of Frederick, Maryland, and began to build a career as a singer, songwriter, and solo performer. He concentrated on songwriting particularly, choosing to go to the core of his personal experience and musical influences to find his stage voice. What he had to say would determine how he chose to express those words in composition and performance style. He played acoustically to showcase his songwriting while still playing with other bands locally as well as country artist, Shane Gamble. In 2012, he went on the road as a rhythm guitarist with the rock band, 12 Stones. It was an experience that would put him back in touch with his rock roots and the music that fueled his passion. In rock music, he finds an energy that connects the stage performance to the crowd and that connection is something he craves.


Today, Wally is back on stage as lead singer and guitarist, playing his original music and some rock covers that have inspired him over the years. His show is rock energy that does not rely on volume alone to pump up the crowd. Strong musicianship is the core from which this show is built, and that starts with Wally's extreme connection to the music. His years of experience have given him a large reservoir of music influences from which to draw inspiration. His guitar playing is rock driven, with the flexibility to take on a metal edge or run the grit of grunge through its strings. He can put the wail in the blues that requires a push and pull of the strings, crying the tears of heartbreak and feeling the pain of heartache. If he goes back in time with a funky groove, his guitar will make you want to move. His playing is the musical playground on which his lyrical message finds its muse. Through poetry and personal experience, he's found the soul of his songwriting. If it moves him on paper, he'll feel it in every note he plays and deliver that intensity through his vocal performance.


Wally Worsley is a solo artist with a rock band in his soul. Heavily influenced by the music of the 90s, he isn't afraid to experiment with the fusion of sounds that created a decade of alternative rock and grunge rebellion. The variety in his set list keeps the audience engaged with the anticipation of what's coming next. It's one intense musical experience after another. He gives his all to the music and holds nothing back in sharing his passion with the audience. Where poetry meets passion and passion meets playing, Wally Worsley brings performance art to a crescendo, leaving nothing but inspiration in his wake. If music grips you like an addiction, you're going to be a Wally Worsley fan!

Bev Miskus, editor

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